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Peter J. Mancus
Member, Tailhook Association
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Email: pmancus@comcast.net
Tel.: (707) 703-9210
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A few years ago, a dear long time friend who is an accomplished aviation and wildlife photographer, Michael Grove, Sr., paid me an unsolicited compliment that I cherish. In casual conversation Michael told me, “Peter, you are a master of the 600.”, meaning the big 600 mm lens. I am, of course, pleased that Michael believes what he told me, and I appreciate his kind compliment. That lens is often my “go to” “money maker”. I do have a lot of experience with it, and I love using it because I get excellent results with it. The photo gear in this picture cost approximately $21,000.00: $13,000 for the lens, $7,000 for the camera, $500 for the tripod, and $500 for the tripod head. The most important thing, however, is what is between the ears and behind the breastbone of the guy behind the lens, little ole me, Pete Mancus. I would not trade that camera gear for all the wealth in the world if, as a condition, I had to give up photography.

Formal Education

  • Earned a B.A. With Honors in Political Science, University of California, Riverside, 1968.
  • Earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence, University of California, Davis, 1971.
  • Has many post-State bar admission legal education credits.
  • Has done sustained, extensive, self-study in 1) trial advocacy, 2) personal injury law, 3) insurance bad faith practices law, 4) American constitutional law, 5) personal growth, 6) interpersonal skills, 7) critical thinking skills, 8) leadership skills, 9) the First, Second and Fourth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, 10) U.S. history, and 11) world history.

Professional License(s)

Has been, and is, an active member of the State Bar of California from 1972 to date.


  • From 1972 to 1976, was a Deputy District Attorney [criminal prosecutor], San Bernardino County, California.
  • From 1976 to date has been and is a self-employed solo practitioner attorney who handles criminal and civil cases.
  • From 1981 to date, has been and is the owner of CLOUD9PHOTOGRAPHY.US.
  • In the mid-1980s, was the Director of Photography for AIRPOWER and WINGS magazines.


Law Related Accomplishments

  • From 1972 to 1976, tried approximately 50 criminal jury trial cases, including felonies, to completion, earning a superior win-loss ratio compared to his fellow Deputy District Attorneys.
  • Successfully handled two criminal appeal cases, one as a prosecutor and one as a defense attorney.
  • Successfully handled one request for extradition.
  • In the last six months of employment as a Deputy District Attorney, tried thirteen criminal cases in jury trials to verdict, trying cases that his supervisor selected for him to try, and won twelve of those thirteen cases and in the case that he did not win, the jury's vote was 11:1 for guilty. Thus, out of thirteen jury trials, with twelve jurors in each trial, for a total of 156 jurors, he convinced 155 jurors out of 156, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the criminal defendants in their respective trials were guilty as charged.
  • Has broad experience as a solo practitioner concentrating on plaintiff's personal injury, legal/medical malpractice, unreasonable insurance bad faith claims.
  • Successfully handled approximately 85% of his civil jury trial cases.
  • Obtained many out-of-court settlements that pleased his clients.
  • Recovered $100,000 in punitive damages in a $500.00 insurance dispute.
  • Was instrumental in effectuating a $1.1 million recovery in a civil case against one of the world's largest insurance companies.
  • Developed a working command of relevant, esoteric legal subjects with various comprehensive sets of examination questions that he prepared for various types of civil cases.
  • Wrote and implemented a comprehensive law office policy and procedures manual.
  • Has served as a judge pro tem and as an arbitrator.
  • Has extensive experience in California courts and limited experience in federal courts.
  • Has a comprehensive, self-taught, command of Second Amendment jurisprudence.

Photography Related Accomplishments

  • Earned multiple U.S. military "back seat cards" from the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.
  • Has flown in several types of two seat "fast mover" U.S. jet fighters, jet attack aircraft, U.S. military cargo airplanes, and U.S. military helicopters.
  • Has experienced 1) supersonic flight, 2) high speed, low altitude, terrain-masking, flight, 3) aerial refueling from inside jet and helicopter receiver aircraft and from inside jet and turbo-prop jet tanker aircraft, 4) dive bombing, 5) landing on and taking off from an aircraft carrier, and 6) multiple dissimilar aircraft aerial dog-fight training exercises from inside a two seat fast-mover US jet fighter or attack jet trainer.
  • Has had a few embarkations on U.S. Navy super aircraft carriers and amphibious assault helicopter carriers.
  • Published credits include: 1) the entire issue of a few issues of AIRPOWER and WINGS magazines that he wrote and illustrated with his own pictures, 2) cover shots and center spreads for several military aviation enthusiasts magazines and soft cover books, and 3) hundreds of thousands of color posters sold.

Some of CLOUD 9's owner's cover shots, by Peter J Mancus

A published credit for CLOUD 9's owner's article on the F-106

A published photo credit for CLOUD 9's owner, Peter J Mancus

Copy of the entire first page of CLOUD 9's owner TOP GUN magazine article

CLOUD 9 has contributed many pictures of aviation books and magaines

CLOUD 9's owner, Peter J Mancus, wrote and illustrated the entire issue of this AIRPOWER military aviation enthusiast magazine

CLOUD 9's owner, Peter J Mancus, wrote and illustrated the entire issue of this WING's military aviation enthusiast magazine

CLOUD 9's owner, Peter J Mancus, co-wrote this article about a Jimmy Boyd, a USAF F-105 pilot with 240 missions over North Vietnam

Published cover shot photo credit for CLOUD 9's owner by Andreas Klein, Publisher, DOUBLE UGLY BOOKS

Published WING's F-15 cover shot photo credit for CLOUD 9's owner, Peter J Mancus

Peter J. Mancus in the late 1970's

Peter J. Mancus, January 1977

Peter J. Mancus, around 1997, in 110°-plus heat, doing what he loves to do: photograph airplanes.

  • His pictures have been used in advertising campaigns, have been displayed at U.S. military bases, and have been used in official U.S. military publications..
  • A one man photo gallery for months in a major restaurant in Northern California near an airport.
  • CBS News used one of his pictures during one of its nightly national news programs.
  • Newsweek Magazine used one of his pictures.
  • Has photographed airplanes from 1971 to date, including many major U.S. military aviation training exercises.
  • Has honed his skills over a lifetime of photographing airplanes with a passionate pursuit of perfection.
  • Was recently told by an accomplished photographer that he [Peter] "has mastered the 600" mm lense.
  • Has created a world class private collection of excellent airplane pictures.
  • His pictures often excite, inspire, and awe professional military and civilian pilots, aircraft maintenance personnel, aviation enthusiasts, amateur and professional photographers.
  • His pictures are excellent for collecting, gifts, and they are also well suited for large, detail rich, fine art wall decor.
  • Has developed CLOUD9PHOTOGRAPHY.US into one of the Internet's best sources for excellent quality big prints of military airplane pictures and other subjects and www.cloud9photography.us continues to grow in recognition and respect.
  • Has aligned Cloud 9 with an excellent professional lab that now offers a wide variety of photo related products using Cloud 9's pictures, such as pictures on mousepads, mugs, aprons, metal, cards, and huge enlargements, all with an excellent no risk money back guarantee.

Transferable Skills

  • Is able and willing to work independently and assume full responsibility for all aspects of a tort, professional negligence, unreasonable insurance claims practices cases, from intake, investigation, discovery, settlement negotiations, and trial.
  • Has superior analytical, organizational, writing, and problem solving skills.
  • Has mature, sound judgment with a broad, practical knowledge of the law.
  • Is able to 1) maintain confidentiality, 2) exercise discretion prudently, 3) organize and deliver an effective presentation, 4) work on long term, complex, multi-tasked projects alone or with others, 5) synthesize and summarize information accurately and succinctly with insight, 6) make well-reasoned, major, complex decisions and recommendations, 7) handle large sums of money, 8) write and/or negotiate a contract, 9) settle a dispute, 10) sell an idea, 11) support his ideas, 12) coordinate an activity, 13) prioritize well, 14) delegate, 15) supervise, 16) stay focused, 17) motivate others, 18) listen carefully, 19) separate the important from the unimportant, 20) press a point effectively against substantial opposition, and 21) able to simplify while also being detailed oriented.

Character and Personality Traits

  • Fiercely independent.
  • Adaptable.
  • A self-reliant self-starter.
  • Energetic, tenacious, focused, industrious, and goal oriented.
  • Reliable, trustworthy, and accepts responsibility.
  • Proactive and decisive.
  • Committed to excellence.
  • Analytical, an independent thinker and a strategic thinker.
  • Detail oriented, thorough, and focused.
  • No nonsense oriented.
  • Confrontational; not easily intimidated; gutsy.
  • Intense and passionate.
  • Able to be candid and blunt or diplomatic and tactful.
  • Effective.
  • Appreciative.
  • Loyal to those who manifest loyalty.
  • Reasons from and to the U.S. Constitution
  • Does not like cowards, shirkers, racists, malcontents, fools, constitutional illiterates, mean spirited people, trouble makers, and usurpers.


  • American constitutional law, constitutionalism, and trial advocacy.
  • Politics, history, current events, and business.
  • Military aviation.
  • Photography, art, and anything creative.
  • People, friendships, cultures, and travel.
  • Leadership and personal growth.
  • Target shooting.
  • Computers.
  • Health issues.

Peter's Heartfelt Greetings and Message

Why I Love Photography

If I could draw or paint better, or sing better, I would probably draw, paint, or sing, but, I can't do any of those well. I can, however, take pretty darn good pictures, and, sometimes, I make zingers-pictures that command a second look.

Some of the reasons why I became interested in photography are stated below.

Reason No. 1

My father was a U.S. Air Force flight medic. He used a Canon rangefinder camera on his over seas flights to strange, fascinating, far away places. With his pictures, he was able to show my family and I the places he had been to and the people he had photographed. Thanks to him, as a child, I became acquainted, through the medium of photography, with Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Alaska, and islands forming in the Pacific Ocean, which the airplanes he was on, by chance, over flew. To appreciate the significance of photography in those days, one needs to realize that television in the early 1950s was not common in ordinary households. Thus, what my dad was able to do with his camera was wondrous.

Reason No. 2

I have also been impressed by the power of photography. Some examples are: The German zeppelin burning and crashing after it caught fire in the United States; the December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; the raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima during World War II; the man in civilian clothes who stood in a public street in Saigon during the Vietnam war, who aimed a handgun at another man, allegedly a Viet Cong, and, apparently, executed that man by shooting him in the head; the Chinese protestor who had the courage to stand in front of a Communist Chinese Army tank in Tiananmen Square and refused to get out of the way of the tank, daring to pit 150 pounds of human flesh and tons of intangible human courage and defiance against 50 tons of steel, loaded guns, and god-awful oppression; flag draped coffins of American battle field casualties; the destruction of 3,000 lives and the Twin Towers on 9/11; and, recently, the results of a monstrous twister tornado that leveled a huge junk of Joplin, Missouri.

Reason No. 3

The desire to be creative, to have a way to constructively channel creative energy and use images to communicate.

Reason No. 4

The pursuit of, the challenge of, and the excitement arising from, trying to make a truly memorable photograph.

Why I Love Airplanes

As I grew up, it was common to have U.S. Air Force air crews, medics, nurses, and doctors at our home, to go to air bases, and to be on or near flight lines, as my mom took my dad out to the bases or we drove out to pick him up. Thus, I grew up with the United States' military having a big role in my life. I often saw U.S. military equipment, and I often heard U.S. military personnel discuss their problems, successes, experiences and their opinions about threats to the United States, world tensions, politics, and about how politicians abused or misused the military.

I would have, however, loved airplanes if my dad was not in the Air Force. Their shapes are interesting. Their capabilities are impressive. Many are drop dead gorgeous.

I saw my first jet, a North American U.S. Navy Fury [the Navy's version of the Air Force's F-86], streak by--fast--over Hickam AFB, Oahu, Hawaii, in the early 1950s. It was loud. It did not have a propeller, of course. And it moved across the sky seemingly effortlessly.

Looking back, it has been interesting to see how technology has changed. I have seen the once mighty McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II be eclipsed by more capable and more fuel efficient jet fighters. I have also lived long enough to read that the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor might be one of the last manned fighters! Why? Answer: UAV's [Unmanned Aerial Vehicles] are becoming more capable. Thus, fighter pilots-in a cockpit-might be eliminated, designed out of, future fighters. (Digression: When I was at the Paris Airshow 2007, to my amazement, I read in an authoritative aviation newspaper that people are working to eliminate airline pilots from airliners! This article said that technology has become so advanced a compelling argument can be made that it will soon be safe to eliminate airline pilots from the cockpit!)

On Becoming a Lawyer

Becoming a lawyer was not my first career choice, but I became one because I wanted to help people with legal problems and to fight the good fight for Freedom and Justice and to restore constitutionalism. Plus, I like trying to solve complex problems. I also like to argue and stand up for what I believe is true and right and for the underdog.

Photojournalist Affiliation

In the mid-1980s, I functioned as a civilian photojournalist affiliated with "Airpower" and "Wings" magazines, which published articles I wrote and pictures I took, including true air-to-air photography.

To fly in U.S. military two seat jets as a civilian photojournalists I took U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Air Force required training to earn "a back seat card".

Flights in Military Aircraft

I have flown approximately 50 hours in a variety of U.S. military two seat jets, experiencing going supersonic, high G turns in dissimilar air combat training, aerial refueling, dive bombing, staffing, high sub-sonic low altitude terrain masking flying, and foul weather ultra close formation flying.

I have also flown in military helicopters and transport planes.

I thoroughly enjoy getting to know air crews better, experiencing their world, and gaining insights from their comments. As an example, one Air National Guard pilot, while airborne, commented about the shadow our airplane made, e.g., [paraphrased], "Peter, if you can figure out a way to eliminate that shadow Uncle Sam will pay you at least one million dollars."

Stealth technology does not eliminate shadows. Opposing pilots often find their targets by searching the ground for shadows created by other airplanes!

Why I Love Cameras

Cameras are wonderful. They allow us to capture an image, to preserve an instant in time, and to reproduce images on paper, with incredible detail, to enjoy for years. In that limited sense, they are somewhat like a time warp tool.

I am not exaggerating when I state that I now produce pin prick sharp prints with ultra amazing detail. I relish that capability, that fact.

I am also fascinated by wide angle lenses and big telephoto lenses and the different effects obtainable with each lens type.

I love coming onto a scene, the challenge of studying it to figure out what are the latent best photo possibilities, to see beyond the clutter, to pre-visualize how I can exploit to best advantage what is before me, and to select which lens to use from which perspective.

I love that creative freedom to make those decisions.

I especially love the freedom of not being restricted by the rules in a law book and not having to adjust to a judge, a client, a witness, a government official, or an opposing attorney.

Visual Candy

I call CLOUD 9's pictures Visual Candy.2 This is because they are a delight to see.

2 A dear friend introduced me to that wonderful term. I am not clever enough to put words together like that to create such an effective visual image.

CLOUD 9's Pictures Are Fresh

I stress this: CLOUD 9 PHOTOGRAPHY's images are fresh. This is because they come from private collections, including images that are 30-60 years old, of airplanes that no longer exist.

My Style of Photography

My style of photography is this: I use professional gear and a wide range of lenses. I prefer tight cropping, dynamic action, and clutter free images, with an emphasis on unusual angles and dramatic lighting, especially with beautiful clouds. I am patient and tenacious. I will spend a lot of time to get the shot I pre-visualized.

Recently, a very intelligent man befriended me and diplomatically hinted that perhaps I cropped my images too tightly and I should continue to do that but I should also crop for more context, because "context" is interesting and valuable, too. Upon reflection, I know he is correct. Hence, I have elected to include both approaches: tight crop and context.

Photographer vs. Snap-shooter

I am a photographer, not a snap-shooter. A photographer plans ahead, pre-visualizes images he wants, works to get the opportunity to take the image he wants, hones his skill, and, on a consistent, assured basis, executes well so that a high percentage of his images are zingers, namely, images that command a long look.

As a photographer, I do not rely on luck or haphazard clicking away. On the other hand, I am the first to admit that "luck" [preparation meeting and seizing opportunity] often trumps pre-planning or skill, no matter how refined.

I love to photograph airplanes [military, airliners, and warbirds], helicopters, people, animals, historical reenactors, statuary, engineering feats, and landscapes.

Showing Casing Other Photographers

I also love to show case my friends' excellent photography who are contributing CLOUD 9 PHOTOGRAPHY photographers. Thanks to them, I am able to offer to you some of their zingers.

If you click on the "Contributors' Portfolios" on this Internet site's Homepage Navigation Bar you will see in the drop down menu a sub-heading for slide show portfolios by those contributing photographers who have contributed enough zingers to warrant their own dedicated slide show.

Bad Experiences With Kodak Photo Labs

When I was in my early twenties, my mother gave me a wonderful gift: A medium format Hasselblad film camera with a pin prick sharp Zeiss lens. This was a true world class camera. NASA had astronauts use this camera to photograph the moon, space, and Earth.

Soon after I used that Hassy, I discovered something significant about ordinary Kodak photo labs: They did not pursue perfection. I learned this when I read a note, from a Kodak lab, in a package of prints I picked up that that lab made from my Hasselblad negs. This note said Kodak did not want my business anymore because I expected unrealistically high standards, and the reason their prints from my Zeiss lens' negatives were not sharp was because Kodak's lab technicians put a diffusing filter between its enlarging lens and the paper to blur out specs on the paper or the film or both! Thus, Kodak admitted that Kodak went out of its way to reduce the resolution power of my pin prick sharp Zeiss lens!

That revelation infuriated me.

I decided that some day I would sell my pictures when I could maintain control over the entire photographic process, without compromise.

Today, I have substantial control over the entire photographic process-from original image capture to print production, and, to be blunt and truthful, I produce and make awesome pictures and big, drop dead gorgeous, lush, detail rich, prints.

Every link in the chain of photography is crucial to the final result, and I refuse to compromise.

Control of Print Production

At CLOUD 9 PHOTOGRAPHY, I now have almost total control over every link in the photographic process. As such, I pursue perfection. I often come close to achieving literal perfection.

I do my best to give my customers excellent value. I make prints for them as good as I make for myself. In fact, when I make a print for them I often make an identical for myself, so I am doubly motivated to do a superb job: to make them giddy and to make me happy, too.

Money Back Guarantee

I offer a money back guarantee. I do this because my quality control is high, I inspect each print before I ship it, I will not ship it until it is as perfect as I can make it, and I am confident that people will keep a CLOUD 9 PHOTOGRAPHY print once they see it.

So far, since I started CLOUD 9 PHOTOGRAPHY on the Internet, as of May 2011, no one has asked for a refund. I am proud of that fact.

Types of Photographers

Years ago, most aviation photographers I knew were mature and considerate. Currently, however, many of the American and non-American photographers I know include a wide range, from excellent to two-faced, self-centered, gutless, narcissistic, immature, rumor spreader, trouble maker, know-it-all, inconsiderate, egomaniacal, cut throat, self-anointed, bully, promise breaking, bull fecal matter, types.

A mature, critical thinker, photographer friend coined a clever term for some photographers. He calls them cluster pussies. A cluster pussy is a photographer who gathers around his pack at a photo venue, as a cluster of photographers, gossips, spreads inaccurate rumors, believes their nonsense, verbally snipes, causes trouble, and, when urged to promote the welfare of all photographers, functions like a scared pussy cat.

Cluster pussies loathe anyone with convictions who stands up to usurpations and demands reforms. Apparently, cluster pussies loathe themselves for lacking courage, let alone convictions, and, they also fear that a photographer who demands reforms will make things worse for them.

Cluster pussies never do anything to promote photographers' welfare as a whole; however, they are among the first to exploit an improvement, and they will, like a pack, squeeze out the one(s) who secured the improvement, while they malign the person(s) who secured the improvement.

Cluster pussies also demand conformity to their sick code, e.g., they malign and ostracize anyone who refuses to conform to them or who deviates from their code. I, for example, once had a cluster pussy abruptly end his pleasant conversation with me when his pack showed up and saw him talking to me. This patently pathetic, unduly servile, conformist told me his pack will sanction him for talking to me.

Cluster pussies manifest a diluted form of Taliban behavior, namely, sick, twisted, self-serving, authoritarian, myopic, counter-productive, behavior.

I have encountered cluster pussies for years, know them well, despise them, and harbor a virulent white hot contempt for them.

It is not much of an exaggeration, if any, to opine that I would rather spend time with a rapid dog than share a photo op with a pack of cluster pussies. The dog, at least, has an excuse.

If I could ban cluster pussies, I would. They do not mature. They just grow old. As they grow old, they are boring and boorish.

My friend's pejorative term for them is apt.


Increasingly, I have also become keenly aware of this insight about myself. I suspect that my passionate artistic pursuit of photography, with uncompromising high standards, is probably a form of sublimation, namely, a manifestation of me obtaining gratification from a socially useful, lawful, non-violent, substitute when more direct forms of impulse-gratification are blocked, such as enjoying witnessing usurpers receive a well deserved comeuppance . . . which leads me to another subject and a major transition.

My Other Passion: Constitutionalism

In addition to my passionate love affair with photography and airplanes, I have an additional great passion: the United States of America, Liberty, Freedom, and Constitutionalism, namely, functioning with assured fidelity to our Constitution's commands.

Anyone who thinks that constitutionalism is unimportant functions as a fool. Foolish people should read Proverbs in the Bible. Many proverbs focus on fools who pursue folly.

One proverb that resonates with me goes like this: Like a dog that returns to lick its own vomit, a fool digs the pit that he will fall into.

Another proverb that resonates goes like this: A prudent person would prefer to get between a grizzly mother bear and her cubs than a fool in pursuit of his folly.

Whether you believe there is a God or not, and regardless of your religious or spiritual persuasion, there is much wisdom in Proverbs.

Periodically, I come across many people who are functional constitutional illiterates, or, who openly laugh at or mock anyone who is sensitive about publicly championing constitutionalism, and I have even come across people who openly relish, with zealous enthusiasm, anyone, including me, who champions constitutionalism. When I experience people who act that way, in my mind's eye, I can't help it, but I see one word pinned on their chest: FOOL.

I Want the United States to Thrive

With apologies to no one, I am fiercely nationalistic, with a twist: my version of the United States, based on my utmost best reasoning from and to the United States Constitution, as construed with as much fidelity as possible to the Framer's original intent, per their mind set and definitions of key words in the late 1700s. I want the United States to thrive and endure, and, to do so, I believe she must return to her roots and obey our Constitution's commands.

"Freedom is Not Free"

From 1950 to 1953 my dad was a U.S. Air Force aero medical evacuation flight medic who made 53 round trip flights from Hawaii to Japan to Korea and then from Korea to Japan to Hawaii and to Travis AFB, California, bringing back wounded U.S. military and United Nations personnel. He told me he loved that job because he wanted to help the wounded. He also told me that he liked that routine because he did not want to get too close to any wounded personnel because he cared too much and his emotional and mental pain hurt too much. His eyes watered and his voice cracked when he told me that. He was just glad to get them back to Travis before he got to know them better.

What my dad told me about patients he cared for instilled within me a deep appreciation for my freedoms as an American, for U.S. military personnel, and for the United States of America. I learned at an early age that "Freedom is not free". Instead, it is paid for with the most precious of commodities: human blood, gut wrenching human anguish, and courage.

From 1956 to the early 1970s, my dad was part of the U.S. Air Force's Strategic Air Command-SAC. SAC was that part of the U.S. Air Force that was tasked, during the Cold War with the Soviet Union, to deliver nuclear weapons over intercontinental distances, via manned bombers and long range missiles. SAC was a tough, no-nonsense, demanding command. What I learned from my dad and air crews, when he was part of SAC re-enforced what I already knew: "Freedom is not free."

When my dad was part of SAC, I first began to learn about the Cuban Missile Crisis when some one from March AFB in Riverside, California, a SAC base, called our home at around 2:30 A.M. and told my dad to get to the base immediately because his unit had orders to redeploy immediately. Within 15 minutes my dad's MGA sports car, with its loud muffler, raced up the street to go to March AFB. I did not see him again for about two weeks. My mother told me we were close to nuclear war with the Soviets.

A few times I was off base at various SAC B-52 bases photographing the airplanes taking off and landing when the bombers on alert scrambled within fifteen minutes of a siren going off. When I heard these sirens and when I saw the B-52s take off, one quickly after another, into the black smoke of the previous bomber, I sat there, wondering if what I saw was a drill or the real McCoy and, if within 15-30 minutes, I would be vaporized by a Soviet nuclear weapon. What I thought and felt was odd.

The U.S. Armed Forces Are Vital

I mention these experiences to underscore these points: The U.S. Armed Forces are vital. They are instrumental to protecting our way of life. They cannot be easily or rapidly replaced. Every weapon system requires human beings to maintain it and to operate it skillfully. The men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces should be respected. Giving them mere lip service is inadequate and an insult. They should not be abused or misused, for any reason. While they are now all volunteers, they did not make an informed consent to volunteer just to be abused, misused, or wasted in pursuit of folly.

The older I get, and the more I associate with members of the U.S. Armed Forces, and the more I compare them to American politicians, the more I think this sweeping generalization is true: The average member of the U.S. Armed Forces is probably more honorable, more skilled at what they do, and more committed to try to do the right thing than is the average American politician. The older I get the more I loathe American politicians. We are plagued with political whores. We need statesmen with a comprehensive vision based on constitutionalism, frugality, and sound strategic thinking.

Offering the Constitution a Saving Hand

I pride myself that I extend our Constitution a saving hand. I wish more people did. I harbor an intense contempt for those who do not and who, in various ways, slap away my intended saving hand.

Our Constitution is a written document that memorializes vital concepts, but it cannot enforce itself. It needs constitutional defenders. Without intending to be egomaniacal, I consider myself to be a constitutional defender. I am proud of that fact.

My Key Message

My key message is this: 1) Americans should obey their Constitution's commands, per its actual text, as written, not as interpreted away by anyone, including judges; 2) judges should function as Guardians of Liberty, 3) cops should not be badge heavy, 4) prosecutors should be ultra circumspect about who they prosecute and why, and 5) ordinary citizens should be constitutionally literate, demand that their public servants wear their constitutional collar and refrain from usurping power, and should never lay down on their rights.

Every American who lays down on his or her rights makes it harder for every other American to stand up for his or her rights or to stand on his or her rights without being punished by public servants who function as public serpents.

Rights are like muscles. You either use them or you loose them. The United States' claim to fame is this: It, and it alone, is the land of "Due Process of Law"-not simply any "process", but "Due Process of Law".

I stress: "of Law." In the United States of America, "of Law" means 100% faithful to the United States Constitution's commands.

The "Rule of Law" is nowhere near the same as the "Constitutional Rule of Law".

As an active attorney for over thirty years, I believe, with good cause, based on facts, that the United States' claim to fame that it alone is the land of "Due Process of Law" is a huge lie. This lie might be the biggest lie of the last century and, so far, of the current century. This is because the reality is this: Too many public serpents niggardly dish out only that "process" which they arbitrarily declare is "due", and they dare to call their crimes, under color of law, "Justice" and "Leadership".

I also believes that the United States is no longer a viable nation. Instead, it has become a gaggle and a market place. Americans, as a whole, no longer function like citizens, who exercise oversight control over their public servants, who refuse to tolerate public serpents. Instead, many contemporary "Americans" function only as consumers, as serfs, as sheeple, as enablers in the further destruction of the real Constitutional Rule of Law, and/or, as if they are only tourist in their homeland, not citizens of their homeland.

I also believes that too many public servants function as public serpents. These serpents abuse us. They threaten us. They coerce us. They lie to us. They arrest us. They prosecute us. They fine us. They incarcerate us. These serpents do these things in violation of the real Constitutional Rule of Law and in excess of their actual authority. Public serpents substitute their arrogance, their contempt for the law, their contempt for our rights, and their extortion-like threats, for the law.

Public serpents are Domestic Enemies of the United States Constitution. They manifest conduct consistent with treason.

We are plagued with traitors from within. The United States is, therefore, ripe for imploding, for rebellion, for civil war.

If you do not entertain such thoughts, you probably are not well informed, and that is why you especially should read the opinion-editorials in the ADVANCED FREEDOM THINKING section of my Blog on this Internet site.

Liberty, Truth, and Constitutionalism require constant vigilance . . . and a willingness to resort to self help remedies when society's institutions fail to preserve the real Constitutional Rule of Law.

The real battle for Liberty, Freedom, Truth, Justice, Human Rights, and "the American way of life," is not between Republicans and Democrats or Liberals and Conservatives. Instead, it is between Constitutionalists and everyone else, who are Anti-Constitutionalists.

Constitutionalists want government and citizens to function with assured faithful compliance with the Constitution's commands.

Anti Constitutionalists, on the other hand, just make things up as they engage in unprincipled ad hoc governance, which arises out of their ambitions, their greed, and their lust for power and control.

Mankind's greatest achievement is the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution, which is the first ten amendments to that Constitution. That Bill is Mankind's greatest achievement because that Bill, in what is now the United States, legally declared a formal end to arbitrary rule, codified legal limits on government's powers, and codified certain legal rights. That Bill is the high water mark of Mankind's march toward an improved civilization.

The Bill of Rights is like an invisible glue that holds us together as a nation and makes us a nation. Every right in that Bill, however, is under prolonged, intense, relentless attack, by public serpents. If you do not believe that, you especially need to read what is in the ADVANCED FREEDOM THINKING part of my Blog.

Even U.S. Supreme Court judges are eviscerating the Bill of Rights, interpreting it away, functionally cutting out of the Constitution, via their twisted logic, huge parts of the Constitution that they do not like and, to make matters worse, grafting on to it their own illegitimate inventions, more accurately described as judicial junk.

The invisible glue arising from our precious Bill of Rights is letting go. It is letting go because too many Americans do not know their rights, are apathetic, and function as sheeple. Sheeple embolden public servants to function as public serpents.

The United States is coming apart because too many Americans are at each others' throats, are bullies, are constitutionally illiterate, are apathetic, are unprincipled, and are gutless.

Americans must not let public serpents use 9-11, or any other excuse, to gut any right in the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights did not go down with the Twin Towers, on 9-11, or later. Or, did it?

Americans are well advised to heed this warning: The United States, once stripped of its Bill of Rights, or once it refuses to enforce that Bill, is nothing more than a post Industrial Revolution gaggle, masquerading as a "nation", in its death throes, rotten from the inside out, ready to fall down and die.

When that Bill is no longer respected and no longer enforced, the United States of America is dead.

For me, without a viable Bill of Rights, there is no longer any compelling reason to fight for the United States. I am hard pressed to think of a compelling reason to fight to help keep Public Serpents in power. I do, however, fight to restore constitutionalism. That means regime change, at home, where I live, where I have planted my flag. I want constitutionalists in power, not anti-constitutionalists.

We should stop electing and stop obeying misleaders who pursue folly, who champion unconstitutional laws, and who return to lick their civic malpractice vomit which they call "leadership".

Our misleaders treat Americans like mushrooms: They keep us in the dark and they feed us verbal fecal matter.

This nation needs an immediate return to its core root: the Constitutional Rule of Law.

After approximately 250 years of existence, it is tragic and inexcusable that Americans have not achieved a consensus as to what the United States Constitution means or how it should be administered. Instead, we are plagued with our misleaders' ad hoc, conflicting, arbitrary rules and unprincipled governance, 100% devoid of a principled, consistent, constitutional base.

CLOUD9PHOTOGRAPHY.US has excellent pictures of military airplanes and members of the U.S. Armed Forces. If you truly respect, admire, and value members of the U.S. Armed Forces, you can honor them best by having the courage to take advantage of the shield they provide us. Exercise your rights, responsibly. Refuse to lay down on your rights. Become constitutionally literate. Demand that our Federal, State and Local governments, and their agents, who are suppose to serve us well as public servants, function constitutionally. Demand that our nation's leaders will not misuse or abuse our Armed Forces.

Americans: Too Much Like Iraq's Sunni's and Shiite's?

Many Americans are at a lost to understand why Iraq's Sunni's and Shiite's cannot resolve their differences and co-exist peacefully. Modern Americans, in many ways, however, are similar to Iraq's Sunni's and Shiite's. Why? Answer: I once saw a political cartoon that underscored my point. In this cartoon, two Iraqi's, in Arab dress, were running forward, jumping over an obstacle, with a "true believer's" zeal in their eyes, carrying automatic weapons. One said he was fighting for his freedom to enslave the other and the other said the same thing, in reverse.

My Definitive Point

My definitive point is this: When Americans use elections to elect officials who will cherry pick those parts of the United States Constitution they will enforce against one group of Americans and refuse to enforce other parts, which protect Americans from the "tyranny of the majority", one side's gang has hijacked government via elections, and that side will use its gang in government to oppress the other side. Thus, there is hardly a material difference between Iraqi's and Americans. In the end, it is not a matter of "Due Process of Law." Instead, it is simply only one gang versus another.

We All Have a Tombstone in Our Future

We all have a tombstone in our future. What we do with the balance of our lives will affect how others living and yet to be born, including our loved ones, will live.

Advanced Freedom Thinking

If you care about your future, about your loved ones' future, about the United States of America's future, you are well advised to read the ADVANCED FREEDOM THINKING part of my Blog.

It is trite but true: "Freedom is not free."

No American should take their freedom for granted.

Liberty and Truth require constant vigilance.

The United States Constitution has more domestic enemies than it has foreign ones.

Our domestic enemies have agendas that undermine the real Constitutional Rule of Law, and they are constantly working to do that by their adjustments to the Truth and to the real Constitutional Rule of Law to enslave you and me, by stripping us of our rights, by denying us "Due Process of Law", and by denying us any viable legal remedy.

The absence of a legal remedy amounts to a total denial of "Due Process of Law". But, "Due Process of Law" is not an option for Public Servants. It is an inexorable, uncompromising, formal command on all of Governments' Agents, at least in the United States of America that I know, that I was born into.

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